Getting your company description right

The process of writing a good company description is a lot harder than you first expect.

When trying to describe my company in a well structured paragraph I really struggled with the creative process, I kept getting hung up on making the sentences as cohesive as possible, sacrificing important content in the process.

So I went to the ‘about us’ section of other agency’s in my sector and went on a copy and pasting spree, compiling an amalgamation of other companies values as my own.

I thought to myself “thank god that’s done” and left it there.

The next day I went to look at my sites about us section and thought to myself “does this really represent my company?” – the answer was wholeheartedly no.

So I took a step back.

Rather than thinking about how perfectly worded these other companies had described their company I instead thought “what do i actually believe my company values are/will be?”. I made the following lists:

What we do

Boosting social success
Increase engagement
Increase impressions
Increase advertising effectiveness
Increasing organic traffic
Increasing conversions
Creating consistent brands
Work with start-ups


Deliver results
Not being too serious – allow innovation
Enjoy business
Creating real relationships with clients
Smart thinking
Maximising time efficiency
Make genuine impact
Stay flexible
Be entrepreneurial

I turned these juvenile looking lists (with the help of a thesaurus) into a company description that I feel fully represents my vision of  the company at the moment – you can see the description below. 

Do you have any different tactics that helped you? Let me know in the comments below!

“GC Media UK is a London-based social media and digital marketing team. We’re entrepreneurial, dynamic and fun; we specialise in maximising the efficiency of all media platforms, working to create genuine transformations in business. Whether it’s helping start-ups create their online presence or accelerating the performance of already established organisations – GC Media UK is ready to help.

We believe in building genuine relationships with our clients, enabling us to work together in creating notable and measurable impact. Our clients come to us for our innovative thinking and constantly evolving approach to digital marketing, which we see as a necessity given the ever changing digital world we live in.

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