Learning when to ‘Qualify Out’ in business

I was talking to my dad about being let down by a number of people recently.


Now, my dad is a salesman, always has been and will be til he retires. He’s also fucking good at it.


He told me as you get older and gain more business experience you learn how to quickly ‘qualify someone out’.


In sales this is the process of auditing a client – does this person have the power within their company to buy my service? Will this client be working with us for long enough? Will they be a easy person to work with? Can I give them what they want at the high level of quality my business upholds?


If the answers is no you can safely qualify this person out. If you don’t, you’re probably:


  • Wasting precious time
  • Working with poor quality clients
  • Causing yourself unnecessary stress
  • Missing potential opportunities


Now prior to this conversation I always held the belief that you should take on any and all business – you need to work to get referrals to get more work.


But if you were to get a referral from the client that is an absolute nightmare can you be sure the client you get from their referral wont also be a nightmare?


Just as you can pick your friends you can pick your clients. Surround yourself with people you are enjoying working with; people that are valuable and people that genuinely benefit from your service.


Otherwise, you are missing the whole point of being an entrepreneur! Work with people who genuinely value your service and vice versa! Make sure your clients help you achieve your business goals.


I’m not saying this is universal, there may be some clients you absolutely have to take on. But think for a second, is there one client that causes you a disproportionately large deal of stress? Do you need that client? Would you rather work with with someone else?


Qualify them out!


If you want to learn more about HOW to qualify out here is a great article from Pete Caputa.


Did you find the advice in this post helpful? Let us know in the comments below!


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