Using the right platform for your personal brand


All too often in business you come across individuals who are producing good content but it’s just not getting results. What they are saying/writing may be informative, valid and useful but it’s just not gripping. In cases like this it’s safe to assume bounce rates are high and conversions are low.


Now there are a lot of factors that can influence a poorly performing media outlet. In this article we’re focusing on established channels that have been active for some time with high quality content being produced.


In this situation there is one factor that is often overlooked – maybe this form of media isn’t right for you!


It’s easy to get caught up with the wrong type of media, the most prominent source of this is video – seeing an individual like Gary Vaynerchuk speaking with unrivalled eloquence and passion will leave you feeling inspired and ready to go crush it. Often this can leave you thinking “I could do that”.


But here’s where the problem arises – not everyone is cut out for video, just as not everyone is cut out to be a captivating writer or to record compelling audio content.


You wouldn’t write if you’re dyslexic but have the gift of the gab.


You wouldn’t record audio if you’ve got a lisp but have an incredible eye for grammar.


You wouldn’t produce video if you hate being on camera but have the voice of an angel.


It’s all about SELF AWARENESS


Know yourself! Know your strengths and your weaknesses. If you really don’t know then ask someone else! Don’t fear their feedback, rejoice in the value of it.


“It’s more important to know your weaknesses than your strengths” – Ray Lee Hunt


Then you will be in a better place to audit your branding and change your approach.


I highly recommend you watch this video from Gary Vaynerchuk on the power of self-awareness: 



When you know which form of media you want to share with the world you then need to pick your platform.


Here is a current list of the best social media platforms for each type of content:


Video: Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram (stories)

Written: Medium, LinkedIn, WordPress, Twitter

Audio: Soundcloud, Anchor fm, Spreaker Studios


With the rise of Amazon Alexa, audio is soon going to be a huge contender. The only problem at the moment is where to share this content. We will be writing about this in an upcoming post. Stay tuned!


Have we missed any key social platforms in our list? Let us know via social!

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