What smart speakers mean for content marketing in 2018

Amazon Alexa has changed the game recently. Back in June of 2017 9% of UK households already had Amazon Echo (Not including Apple Homepod or Google Home). The figure for homes with smart speakers has been predicted to rise to a staggering 40% in 2018.

smart speakers in content marketing 2018
The 3 main smart speakers disrupting content marketing in 2018. In order: Apple Homepod, Google Home and Amazon Echo


Now what does this mean for the future of marketing? In short, A LOT.


A large part of the marketing campaigns for these smart speakers involves people listening to their favourite songs with a simple command. Think about this for a second, what free online music platform (apart from iTunes) do you know that doesn’t have ads? The answer is NONE. With 68% of smart speaker users listening to music I think my point is becoming clear.


This shift away from needing to actively look at the music platform means more value will be placed on audio content. Podcasts, music, audiobooks. These platforms will inevitably be full of advertisements in the coming years.


Some of the most influential, forward thinking people in the industry are already vouching for the disruptive potential of smart speakers in the marketing sphere. Gary Vaynerchuk swears by it and has started podcasting because of it.


“… it goes without saying a smart speaker doesn’t have a screen … “ – Unknown


What can we action now in our marketing?


  • Audio advertisement. If you are working in an industry that involves audio or you know your target customers will be on audio platforms then now is the time to lay the foundation of a strong online audio presence:
    • Create a profile on your chosen audio platforms
    • Start a content diary for future discussion topics
    • Start creating.
  • SEO best practices haven’t been set yet. However, Forbes has found a few trends appearing. FAQ content, local content and articles optimized for longtail keywords currently stand a better chance of being selected by these devices.


But make sure you keep in mind..


The future of audio is still unclear. Despite the rising trend in smart speakers, 2017 has had some serious setbacks in the audio game.

Tapewrite failed in 2017

Foundbite shut down in March 2017

Clammr shut down in 2017

Soundcloud nearly went bust in 2017


Where do you think the future of audio will be? Spotify? Soundcloud? Itunes? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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